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Meet Eva!

Your Yoga Instructor
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My philosophy

I live by choice, not by chance! I choose to make changes, not excuses, I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the external noise, I choose to chase my dreams, not to continue dreaming them! Yoga is a way of life, a way to bring awareness inwards and work with yourself for yourself, a way to train your body and mind, to shape your breath and to connect with your real inner soul. Come along with me, breathe and move, nurture your body, elevate your mind and discover your full potentials.

Practicing yoga brought back the freedom I had as a child, yoga adds life to my years, as it adds oxygen to my soul. Make an appointment with yourself and practice self-care!

Are you ready for some yoga self-love?

Join me for Online Yoga Classes

Choose a class and get ready to reconnect with yourself!

Vinyasa Flow


An energised yoga flow to train your body to move effortlessly, relieve tension and leave you feeling refreshed, stronger and lighter.


Suitable for all levels.

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Yin Yoga


Enjoy deep stretches with long hold yoga asanas. Cultivate body – mind – breath awareness.


Suitable for all levels.

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Want more?

One to one class

Do you want a more personalised yoga experience? Why don’t you try a one-to-one class?

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Studio class

Do you feel that you want to stick to a studio class and still practice with Eva? Join Eva’s classes in some of London’s most highly recommended yoga studios.

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Improve rapport with colleagues and enhance employees’ wellbeing and satisfaction with Corporate Yoga Sessions. Employees’ wellness is a key factor in a successful life and inevitably to a successful business. Please contact me to book a corporate session Find out how

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Join me in a yoga workshop and offer a mini-retreat to yourself. Deepen your yoga practice and increase your body awareness.

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Choose to make unforgettable memories by slipping away to a peaceful seaside paradise and reconnect with yourself. Reserve your spot now!

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How does it work?


choose the perfect class for you


pay for the class


get into your email the zoom link


wear your yoga pants & let’s get started!

Thinking of how to show your love?

Get a gift card and help that special someone to make time for self-care and self-love, time solely devoted to themselves! Suitable for beginners to experienced yogis alike.

Choose from a range of top-up options or choose your own amount. Gift cards can be used for any available service with the same value.

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What people say about me


I started online yoga classes with Eva during lockdown. Eva is brilliant! Her classes have been to me like window to connect with my innerself during some really stressful periods of time at work and home. During the classes I feel like I manage to stretch my mind and body and always feel lighter and more energised afterwards. Eva is very personable and although the classes are online, she always gives personal feedback to help improve my technique and increase flexibility which is great. Look forward to having classes in person.


I was reluctant to do yoga classes until I attended Eva's classes. She guided me through the exercises in a clear and encouraging way. She helped me a lot to improve my flexibility and soothe back pains. I highly recommend her especially to those who are new starters.


I had the chance to follow Eva's power yoga classes and it has been a truly amazing experience! Eva is a super attentive and knowledgeable teacher who will guide you through both basic and intensive yoga poses powering up your body and then introducing some slower paced movements will drive you into a deep relaxation. I enjoyed the classes as they made me feel quite energetic and relaxed at the same time and helped me reduce the stress and tension after a long day at work. I super recommend Eva and her classes!


I wanted to find a way to soothe my lower back pain and Eva's classes were the solution. She is super on it and really focused on improving your general health and stretching ability! I really enjoyed the last part of the lessons as they really gave me a lasting relief from every day tension and lower back pain. I usually slept much better after her lessons and can't thank her more for that! Absolutely recommend!

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