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Cultivate Presence

Cultivate Presence

Firstly, let’s define presence.

Presence is to be aware not only of the outer world and the surroundings but also of the inner world, of our true self. Being aware is the practice of mindfulness, the practice of noticing and experiencing what is happening around you and what it is happening inside you. Shifting to everyday life, have you ever felt that you don’t remember what happened during your day? Or have you ever noticed that you can’t define the signals that the body sends to you?

Through the practice of yoga, we learn to witness the body and the mind, to link the breath with movement and to drop the mind into a state of deep presence! Becoming aware of the body sensations and conquering the breath is what will help you during the most chaotic times in life. All you need is to make a promise to yourself and devote a few minutes every day to step to your yoga practice, to scan your body, to observe your mind and to hear your heart!

Just by taking time out of the busy schedules and devote this time entirely to ourselves, time to release the connection with the outer world and look inside to your sous, the body can be healed, the mind can be liberated from the everyday drama and stress and the heart can be freed from any past memories and feelings.

Let each breath ignite the fire of purification, reset the nervous system into a space of ease and awaken the state of pure divine presence!


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